Second Round Review

Second Round Review

2019 YUKUHASHI International Figurative Sculpture Competition

 At this time, the grand prize works were decided by the screening and the consultation which was selected from the application work with the theme of "Historical person who embodied the knowledge and intellect suitable for installation in the public facilities".
 In addition, the "Citizen Award" and the "Children's Award" were decided.

The grand prize winner


KUBO Shinichiro

Citizens Award・Children's Award



2nd YUKUHASHI AOP Invited Artists

2nd YUKUHASHI AOP Invited Artists

Result announcement

2nd YUKUHASHI Artworks Object Project

Thank you for your participation in the "2nd YUKUHASHI Artworks Object Project". There were 138 applicants from 53 countries, and as a result of careful selection, we decided to invite the following people.
※ Hitoshi Tanaka serves as an advisor. (Update Dec.27,2017)

Invited Artists

Volodymyr Kochmar

María Soledad Ramsay Lagos

Liu yang

Leonardo Cumbo

Nathalie Delhaye

Taro Kitagawa

Waiting List

Samia Monsef (Egypt)

2nd YUKUHASHI Artworks Object Project

 We are proceeding “YUKUHASHI Sculpture Biennale 2019” for the purpose of cultural development of our city, and we’ve invited sculptors to enter the biennale contest from all over the world.
 In parallel with this contest, we will start "2nd YUKUHASHI Artworks Object Project", to stimulate our town by installing many sculptures along streets and in the public places.
 This project will go on as follows.
 Sculptors will stay at volunteer’s house in YUKUHASHI city and produce sculptures by stone in a symposium style. They are expected to show their way of making sculptures to the audience. The outcome sculptures will be exhibited as symbols of commercial area of the town.
 The Art Works will become new symbols in our street area.
 YUKUHASHI is a small town which has a limited budget for a new event, and be able to offer artists plain accommodations to stay which are offered by volunteer citizens. We can pay only 200,000 yen including the airplane fare.
 Artists will be staying in private family houses and work in a tent set in an open space. Although accommodation services are limited we will welcome the participating artists with warmest possible Japanese hospitality.

1. Time and place

 “YUKUHASHI Artwork Object Project in Town” will take place in YUKUHASHI city,from the February 18, till the March 4, 2018.
*The arrival date of the sculptors is February 17, and departure date is March 5, 2018.

2. Organizer

Executive Committee of International Figurative Sculpture Artwork of YUKUHASHI

3. 5 artists in total are invited.

*Irrespective of nationality

4. Condition

The organizer gives the next expenses to each sculptors.
  *Reward 200,000 yen (about 1,700US$)
 *Including the airplane fare.
 *Accommodation expenses are free.

5. Project

a. theme “Touch and enjoy sculpture town”
b. material stone
c. tool bring own tools
d. electricity 100V and 200V

6. Application

*Application form
*Artist’s portrait 
*3 photos of the artist’s previous works / JPG 300dpi (640×480pixel)

7. Deadline

December 8, 2017.
(Application has ended)

8.  Result announcement

December 20, 2017.

9. Application presentation by e-mail

Executive Committee of International Figurative Sculpture Artwork of YUKUHASHI
Tel.81-930-23-0032 / Fax.81-930-23-0032

Past works