Second Round Review

The second round review was held in July 2020. The Grand Prize award was decided based on the maquettes of the whole and the head. Citizens of Yukuhashi was select by vote the winner of the Citizens Award from among the winners of the Award for Excellence. Elementary and junior Read more…

YUKUHASHI Biennale2021

First Round Review

Five works have been selected for the 3rd International Yukihashi Sculpture Exhibition. This year, we received 32 entries from 6 countries (26 from Japan, 2 from China, and 1 each from Romania, Spain, the United States, and Bulgaria). Read more

YUKUHASHI Biennale2021

Call for works

「YUKUHASHI Biennale 2021」Official poster While the theme of the 1st and 2nd YUKUHASHI BIENNALE was a historical figure who contributed to the development of civilization, a particular historical figure was not stipulated. For the 3rd Biennale, however, we would like to name a specific figure as the theme. That person, Read more…