YUKUHASHI Biennale 2021


YUKUHASHI Biennale 2021


Yukuhashi City was blessed with a sea, a mountain and abundant plains and was prospering as an important point of traffic more than antiquity.The energy and the community building full of charm are being advanced as a major urban area in an area of about 73,000 people of population at present.We cherish Tsutomu who lives in whether they’re the connection with the person and the person and heart Yutaka through art, and moreover hold “Biennale 2021 of chopsticks who goes on the international solicitation sculpture show of chopsticks where he goes the 3rd time” for the purpose of sending my town Yukuhashi to the world.

The person’s historic representational sculpture is made a recruitment theme as it is understood and everyone can enjoy at this solicitation show. And the life-sized bronze statue which is a complete work is installed in public facilities in Yukuhashi City, and many people can see and touch anytime.

“Hippocrates who is Mr. Japanese sculptor Nobuyuki Okumura of Italian residence by the 1st time who considers was chosen as a jackpot. Pope produces a bust of 3 people, and Mr. Okumura is the famous representational sculpture person who offered up to Vatican City, and this jackpot work is planning to be installed in the library which opens newly in April, 2020 “Iibrio Yukuhashi”.

“Himiko” of Akira was chosen as a jackpot work of the 2nd time, Shinichi Kubo of Kagoshima Prefecture residence. It was said that the mint of a life-sized bronze statue was for the first time for Mr. Kubo, and maybe that this solicitation exhibition was good food of a young sculptor, self-confident. “Himiko” an image is installed in “Cosumeito Yukuhashi” where cultural activities in Yukuhashi City are a stone, and the person who visits is met.

And I designated a recruited historic person by the 3rd time, and I decided to make the “Suematsu Kenchō” which showed the colorful ability in the Meiji Period when Japan did great reform to a modern state from Yukuhashi City and played an active part a theme.Such as holding a minister, Suematsu Kenchō was learned about as a politician, but it was “infra answer” in the Meiji Period when Japanese culture was sent for the world, and big footprints were left by domestic and abroad culture and the art field. Because 2020 is after Kenchō’s death for 100 years, we’d like to assume the chance when a theme is narrowed down especially this time and Kenchō’s humanity, art look and role which was historic and was achieved are being told in posterity.

It’s a very pleasant place what kind of Kenchou image is expressed by a sculpture. I’m waiting for many applications.

The international solicitation sculpture exhibition operation committee chairperson of chopsticks who goes
Yukuhashi-shi chief Jun Tanaka.

YUKUHASHI Biennale 2021


【Awards and Prizes】

Grand Prize (1) JPY10,000,000

Citizens Award (1) JPY200,000

Award for Excellence (5) JPY100,000

Children’s Grand Prize (1) Trophy

【The Artwork Theme】

Historical figures who have contributed to the development of civilization through their knowledge and intelligence:
The Great Influencer of the Meiji period Suematsu Kenchō.

【Display Site】

Square in front of JR Yukuhashi Station (tentative).

【Application Period】

December 1, 2019—March 31, 2020

【Applicant Eligibility】

All individuals or artistic groups (regardless of age or nationality) are eligible.
The Grand Prize winner must be able to attend the awards ceremony (tentatively March 2021).
Submission must be made as individuals or as groups. Each individual or group is eligible for one entry only. The sculptures submitted for entry should be unpublished.


All entries must be figurative sculptures. They must be life-size, but not any larger. The completed sculptures are to be made in bronze. The details regarding the size of the pedestal will be decided by the executive committee.


Executive Committee of International Figurative Sculpture Artwork Recruitment of Yukuhashi:
1-9-2, Chuo, Yukuhashi City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan

Postal Code: 824-0005 Please contact us by e-mail.