Sculpture Symposium 2020

3rd YUKUHASHI Artworks Object Project

3rd YUKUHASHI Artworks Object Project


While a sculptor playing an active part globally does a stay, cohabitation in a town of Yukuhashi-shi for two weeks, it is the program producing publicly of the sculpture.
Because a sculptor produced a work in front, I told a technique and the fun of the sculpture and thought that I wanted you to taste splendor genuine directly from a completed work. While five sculptors playing an active part in the world live jointly in Yukuhashi-shi, I make “the sculpture of the stone” becoming the symbol of the mall.

【A production period】From February 17 to February 28
【Time】From 10:00 to 16:00
【A production place】Nakayama ground     2-11-1, Ohashi, Yukuhashi-shi

3rd YUKUHASHI Artworks Object Project

Invitation Artist

Anna Korver

(New Zealand)

Oscar Aguirre Comendador


Samia Monsef


Hiroshi Hayashi


Petre Petrov


YUKUHASHI Artworks Object Project

The past work