The 3rd YUKUHASHI International Figurative Sculpture Competition

YUKUHASHI Biennale 2021

The second round review was held in July 2020.
The Grand Prize award was decided based on the maquettes of the whole and the head. Citizens of Yukuhashi was select by vote the winner of the Citizens Award from among the winners of the Award for Excellence. Elementary and junior high school students of Yukuhashi City was select by vote the winner of the Children’s Grand Prize from among the winners of the Award for Excellence. 


The Grand Prize award


KORI Junji

I am very honored to be awarded this grand prize and to be able to exhibit my work at the entrance of JR Yukuhashi Station. And I would like to express my deep gratitude to the selection judges.I would like to express my sincere gratitude and apologies for the cooperation and concern of the Yukuhashi Biennale.I had got a great deal of cooperation in this work from many people such copperware industry concerned at Kanata in Takaoka city, Toyama prefecture where is my second home town.

Takaoka City where is a production center of traditional metal crafts is a large accumulation area of various metal processing technologies including a foundry.After graduating from Kanazawa College of art, I learned a lot through the work of making prototypes of copperware under my teacher Hideto Tsukima for more than ten years.It was an irreplaceable joy that I received a lot of professional advice and cooperation in Takaoka this time, and not only was I blessed with new acquaintances, but also a chance for new exchanges with Yukuhashi City due to unexpected encounters.

I think that Mr. Kencho Suematsu who is a theme of this works has rich in vitality full of confidence and courage as a caller of culture. In the production, I tried to express such a positive portrait of him in modeling.

I had started to formulate a plan from the beginning of this year and ware working on making a maquette toward the application deadline at the end of March, but at the same time, the world was hit by an unknown disaster COVID-19.I remember like yesterday that I was able to apply with lean on Mr. Kensumi Suematsu’s powerful appearance even though my heart was about to break because the world suddenly got stuck and canceled my work and events.

It’s still a day of groping for the future, but I sincerely hope that it will become a symbol that encourages the young people who are trying to fly from this Yukuhashi to the world.

KORI Junji「To the world」
KORI Junji「To the world」

To the world

Overlaying the life of Mr. Kencho Suematsu, who stood up to Western powers with pride, armed with language and education, with the image of young Japan in the Meiji era (1868-1912), I expressed him as a spirited young man.

Carrying Japanse and Western books, he stands up with settled convictions and gazes stare to the future of Japan in the wider world.


Citizens Award & Children’s Grand Prize



Thank you so much for winning the Citizen’s Award and the Children’s Award.The sculpture is self-expression that gives shape to life through one’s sense of form and physical sense for me. Therefore, it is not just a reproduction of poses even though accompanied by a model, but it is necessary to be a determination to express a firm modeling intention and the life of the model in that material. Also, I believe that it is important to consider the spatiality of the place more consciously in urban planning and to realize the modeling that should become a “face” that people living there can be familiar with and proud of it.I feel that these awards gave me one “answer” to my thought as an artist. I will always ask myself what I can ask the world through myself, and I will continue to devote myself.

KAWAMURA Youhei「Kencho Suematsu, drafting」
KAWAMURA Youhei「Kencho Suematsu, drafting」

Kencho Suematsu, drafting

Kencho Suematsu is a proud “intellectual giant” of Yukuhashi, who was active both at home and abroad during the turbulent era. This work expresses his aspect as an “influencer” in the Meiji era (1868-1912), when he introduced Japanese culture to the world, as a dignified yet relaxed figure working on a draft of a text.Since this work will be placed in the station square, I considered that (1) the realization of the physical quantity and (2) the creation of a “gimmick” that many people will be interested in. As for (1), It envisions and realizes a statue sitting in a chair. I designed a pose and a human body rate with the assumption that people’s eyes would come to aroound the knees of the statue and that it would look up slightly.   As for (2), I included playful modeling that integrates the high back chair and the book. The clouds overflowing through the open pages express his rich creativity as a man of culture.